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Bottega Pugliese
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The Bottega Pugliese company is located in Noci, a small town in the Murgia dei Trulli area of Apulia, which lies on a favoured hilltop ridge between deciduous and evergreen oak forests. The altitude of over 400 metres above sea level and the mild micro-climate created by the confluence of winds from the Ionian and Adriatic seas provide ideal conditions for processing and curing pig meat - factors that lend the products their unique characteristics. During the nineteenth century the traditional methods of curing pig meat were upheld by numerous peasant families in and around Noci. In accordance with tradition, pigs were slaughtered on the coldest, driest days of the year, after which the meat was refrigerated for two or three days to start the preparation of cured meats and sausages.

These traditional methods live on at Bottega Pugliese, where our production processes, based on skilled handwork and generations of experience handed down from father to son, ensure that the finished product retains the distinctive characteristics of the raw ingredients. All of this celebrates the flavours and traditions of - and love for - Typical Handmade Cured Meats.


It was Giovanni Liuzzi, from Noci, the grandfather of the current owners, who first became involved in the live stock trade, back in 1900. Subsequently, his son, Pasquale, opened a butcher shop, which over the years evolved into a meat marketing and processing company. In 1999, Pasquale's son, Giovanni, following extensive research into traditional tastes and customs, expanded the business to include the production of genuine, high-quality cured meats and sausages, rapidly achieving significant commercial success among an increasingly discerning and demanding clientele.

It is Bottega Pugliese's mission to convey a sense of continuity with the family's roots and pay homage to local traditions, through its professionalism in processing high-quality products.

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